mr bojjhangas (wildpersimmons) wrote in rabbitonthemoon,
mr bojjhangas


a room, an exercise in words
was full with. we
were only six
to begin with, but had need
of art like bizarre gentlemen
of revolutions. alright,

a sort of "don't pass to the right,
mary," went on without words
and not all only men
were we.
so share the need,
that barrel serves six.

a round of six
in revolt outright--
from each, the need
for alotted words,
and elevated we,
merry gentlemen

not gentile, men
or women count to six
before verbal, we
draw swords.
one for all, right?
it is duelity we need.

what is it we need?
if in being gentle, men-
kind could be called alright
without signs of apocalypse (six,
was it? or more?) words
would compensate, could we?

so gathered all around, we
from each one need
the selection of words
(if you would, gentlemen)
it is a sestina
we are to all write.

alright gentlemen, we need six words.
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