mr bojjhangas (wildpersimmons) wrote in rabbitonthemoon,
mr bojjhangas

To Sarah, after the covenant

From us
will a clan be born.
With you, a tribe of gypsies
fluid as the water
between cracks in concrete.
which feed the destraughting roots.
which tear up sidewalk,
and roar open avenue.

How descendant will become
a people
empire builders
out of ruined earth
and how they will wage—
wage people and wage war and rage,
like our ancestors
who we are to become.

How cities grow to engulf
will they multiply, how our
sons and daughters are factors
to trace We, root of tree and -triarchy.

For us
a story passed for generate
a wave of lifelines crash
against the steely shore
(steely? do I really dare?
For tresses fall cross your shoulder
from your curls let down
for these,

For empires fall
as surely as the crowds alight
from flight. they will spread,
to the corners of the planet
and we
from whence
progenit evry continent.

We will write
our love song in the generations
that, once forgot, will
still move the rhythm.
play high and low to a chorus
of a thousand unhearing ears,
which will still curve
just like yours.
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