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The experiment

testing the bounds of gross reality and...

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The Experiment
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An experiment in the loss of Gross Reality, where the fine line between Fact and Fiction dissapears, and it all becomes Writing. Pure, unrefined Writing

The Rules

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reading the rules is important.
1984, 88.7 fm chicago, a clockwork orange, a midsummer night's dream, acting, aesop rock, american beauty, amélie, aphex twin, arabic, arsenic and old lace, autechre, belle and sebastian, benny and joon, bhagavad gita, big band, bisexuality, bjork, bleeding hearts, broadway, cabaret, calvin and hobbes, carl craig, chicago, cirque du soleil, civil disobedience, conscientious objector, creativity, cunnilingus, daemon, dance dance revolution, dancer in the dark, david bowie, dead can dance, defenestration, depeche mode, detroit, dhammapada, didgeridoo, drama, dreams, edgar allen poe, enigma, enya, eris, escher, euchre, exploding dog, fae, faerie, faygo, foreign films, francophonie, franny and zooey, french, front 242, gaelic, gir, go ask alice, godspell, happy phantom, harlequins, independent community radio, indie, indigo girls, innocence, insanity, intelligence, into the woods, ireland, japanese, jason robert brown, jimmy eat world, john aquaviva, john cusack, jones soda, kairos, kodo, la vie boheme, labyrinth, lao-tzu, le petit prince, les miserables, linguistics, listening, love, loyola university chicago, lunacy, magick, memento, michigan renaissance festival, mun, nag champa, neal stephenson, neofuturism, neutral milk hotel, nine inch nails, orbital, pandemonium, paris, passion, peace corps, pepe le moko, phantom of the opera, pomegranates, portishead, princess mononoke, randomness, rent, requiem for a dream, rocky horror picture show, romance, roses, sapiosexual, sarcasm, seuss, siddhartha, sign language, singing, smashing pumpkins, soundheim, stephen soderbergh, sufi, sushi, swing dancing, the cure, the labyrinth, the last 5 years, the madwoman of chaillot, the merry band, the nightmare before christmas, the princess bride, theatre, they might be giants, tim burton, tim curry, tmlmtbgb, tom kha, tom stoppard, tori amos, tracy chapman, velvet, velvet goldmine, what dreams may come, whimsy, wicca, wluw, world/inferno friendship society, writing, zen

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